How brand activation can help your business

Consumers are tired of “irresistible” sales and promises that are not real. In an ultra connected world with customers more and more demanding, brand activation is gold. Because the success of a brand is totally bonded to trust.

Yeah, trust. Trust is what guarantees that people will get what you promise (or even more!). If your company worries more about value, objectives and great content it has much more meaning for customers than any great advertising.

Personal connection with your target audience

It gives brands a great opportunity to connect with their target group directly and that too in your consumer’s environment. No other platform grants you this benefit. It has many benefits and the knowledge and experience you gain from it can be used to better the product and the marketing strategy.

Cost effective media engagement

Corporate activations get media coverage. Also in-house publications feature brand promotion activities. This form of media coverage is mostly free of cost as well. Media attention and coverage ensures increase in brand awareness.

Strengthens customer-brand relationships

When you communicate directly and personally with your customers, it leaves a lasting impact on the audience. One-on-one interaction is the most powerful form of communication simply because it strengthens relationships -society activation or corporate activation, direct communication is known to reinforce customer-brand relationship.

Unadulterated feedback mechanism

Since there is direct interaction with consumers and potential clients, BTL activations are a good way to measure audience reaction. You can not only gauge your target group’s reaction but also receive some valuable feedback from your customers and clients. The feedback you receive is first-hand information and unadulterated data.

Gives in-depth knowledge about the market

Brand activation platforms enable brands to learn about the purchasing habits of consumers. It is also a good opportunity to learn about market trends. One-on-one communication gives valuable insight about the customers. This data will help you to enhance your brand image and hold in the market.

Tangible results

One of the best things about BTL activations is that it provides tangible results. Unlike various other forms of marketing activities and promotions, in BTL activities brands can measure the results. In advertisements, conversion of customers and measuring the effectiveness of the ad is rather difficult but the success of brand activation can easily be gauged.

Off beat marketing strategy

When your competitors are focusing majorly on television commercials and social media marketing, brand activation is a platform that hasn’t yet been explored to its full capacity. In a crowd of advertisers your brand is likely to get lost or overshadowed, brand activation will help you bring your brand to the forefront.

Adds credibility to the brand name

Direct and personal communication with your target audience increases trust factor. Consumers tend to trust and rely on brands that reach out to them. Hence one of the main benefits of brand activation is that it increases credibility of the brand among its consumers.

Raises brand’s ranking

Like mentioned previously, BTL activities increases credibility and personal communication with your audience result in sales. Boost in sales consecutively increases the overall rank of the brand in the market. A good ranking makes the brand a household name and boosts the sales tremendously.

Increases repurchase value

Once a customer, visits your , society or corporate activation the consumer begins to identify you as a known brand. The consumer is encouraged to trust you and this indirectly increases the repurchase value of your product.

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