How do companies effectively use market intelligence?

Market intelligence helps businesses analyze the overall environment they are operating in. This helps them spot potential risks and identify new opportunities for growth. Most companies do this by looking at four different criteria. Competitor intelligence Competitor intelligence involves gathering and analyzing information about your competitors. Analyzing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can help you…

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Marketing IntellIgence for your Business

Gathering market intelligence is an extremely important aspect of business success. By keeping you more focused; centering your business goals on your consumer; collecting relevant, real information about what works and what doesn’t; providing you with the intelligence to pursue growth opportunities; and reducing your risk, gathering market intelligence may be the most crucial element…

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Events are a key opportunity to build relationships with existent and prospective customers, by offering that personal touch that digital can often lack Ventures Avenue as a leading business growth consulting agency we always integrate events management and services to our Marketing Strategies dealing with clients main branding and marketing alignment. Here are reasons why…

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