According to the GEM ( Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ) report , over 100 million startups are launched every year around the world. It is about 3 startups per second. With the advent of technology , advancement of resources and easy access of global market , building a company has become easier.

A company with a strong business strategy becomes the winner and the one without strategy would meet its doomsday inevitably. Hence , before building your company , it is important you have a clear vision of how you want to dominate and conquer not only your target market but the competitive business world in general.

What is a Business Strategy?

A business strategy could be defined as a long-term plan of action designed to achieve a particular business goal or set of objectives of your business, with the purpose of enhancing the company’s market position and overall performance. It could be defined as a game plan for strengthening the performance of your enterprise.

Entrepreneurs know the importance of strategic planning and having a defined strategy in place for their enterprise. They may create them as part of the pre-startup process or after setting up their business. Existing businesses use them as a guideline or roadmap to review business success and see where their business is headed. They often write them when a pivot in business is called for, like forging new alliances, introducing a new product or service, or simply to understand how to better manage their business.

Importance of Strategic Planning

A Business strategy map is a great way to put out the whole picture on a piece of paper and to make tweaks and adjustments to business activities to achieve the vision and goals of the company. Everything in an enterprise is interrelated and having a defined business strategy makes the whole thing clear—where you need to work the most and where you need the least amount of work.

The Goal of a Business Strategy

Simply put, a business strategy conveys your business vision and goals, the strategies you’ll use to meet your business goal, potential problems that you may face as a business and ways to overcome them.

A good business strategy plan guides the organization onto a successful path and informs nearly everything the organization does. You could approach a business consultant company to help with your business strategy. Every business should have a strategy.

How Do You Put a Business Strategy Together?

A good business strategy reflects the enterprise’s strengths, vulnerabilities, resources, and opportunities. They also reflect the firm’s competitors and its market. Here is how you build a business strategy:

  • Build on the vision
  • Focus on top objectives
  • Plan your course of the attack
  • Do a reality check—see if the plan works for you
  • Build your strategic framework

Every business is different— do what works for you.

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