How to Maximize Your Business Growth with the right Marketing Tactics

Growing a business isn’t easy. First, you need a viable idea. From there, you need to discover a profitable niche, define a target demographic and have something of value to sell them. Whether you’re peddling products, services or information, getting the word out has become increasingly burdensome. And without the right marketing strategies to fuel your growth, churning a profit and staying afloat is virtually impossible.

The truth is that what got you to this point in business is likely not going to get you to the next level. If you’re feeling stuck, join the fray. Most entrepreneurs are so busy working “in” their businesses that they fail to work “on” their businesses. As a result of dealing with the day-to-day operations of a company that includes customer hand-holding, supply-chain demands and more, we often neglect to wield the right marketing strategies that will help fuel our business’s growth.

Here are proven Marketing Tactics that will help your business grow.

Brand Awareness or Brand RECOGNITION

When the brand has high recognition, it means that your target audience can easily “recognize” it among the rest. A brand with high recognition will be the first thing that a customer thinks of when they’re asked about a product category. It will be their “top of mind” association.

Brand recognition emphasizes your uniqueness from the outside. It’s about your visual imagery, brand voice, and so on, whereas awareness is what helps you build a stronger bond with your customers. Brand-aware customers won’t just know who you are and what you do, they’ll immediately know your product or service is the best one to fulfill their need.


Build a strategy that ties recognition and awareness together to attract high-value prospects and customers.

Sales Activation or Brand Building

Sales activation and brand building are both equally important for any business, but since they share the same goal, they are often confused or one is favored over the other. Many go for instant sales activation instead of the lengthy brand-building process, hoping that it will bring faster results. And it probably will, but the benefits are also going to be very short-lived.

You’re holding yourself back from sustainable growth if you go all-in with sales activation ignoring brand building.

By selling more through the sales activation, you may win a battle, but you can lose the war.


Combine them! Use the sales activation when the market is not in a good shape, but keep working on building a strong brand at the same time.

Brand Preference or Brand Insistence

Every business is going after brand loyalty, but there are actually several levels to it. The first one is brand recognition, the second one is a brand preference, and that’s when most companies stop trying. They think they have achieved the most whereas there’s still a ways to go because the highest degree of customer loyalty is brand insistence. When a customer prefers one brand over another, they will buy that brand if it’s available. But with brand insistence, they will accept no other. It’s either their favorite brand or nothing at all.


Aim high! Don’t stop at brand recognition or preference and keep exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Marketing is complex, but if there’s one lesson every brand has to learn, it’s that there’s no quick fix. While some tactics may bring you some short-term gains, they will come back at you in the long run. Whatever you do, remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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